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5 Tips for becoming a successful emcee

To be a good MC, there are at least three abilities that must be mastered. Those skills are the key to succeeding whether or not you bring a show successfully. Right now, we’d like to share with you the 5 Tips On How To Advance Your Career In Event Emceeing.

Here are the tips that you can follow:

1. Public Speaking Capabilities

The ability of public speaking is an absolute must. There are some public speaking techniques that you must master at least, among which the most important is the ability by vocal or verbal skills and the ability of the use of body language to strengthen every word spoken.

2. Verbal ability

Vocal or sound is the main capital for an MC. But no origin sounds, because if only the sound of anyone can do this. I’m sure you’ve heard of an MC when you’re having an event. You may have heard MCs whose words are very crisp, clear, interesting and make you like to hear them, but There are times when you hear an MC whose voice is crisp, vague, boring and makes you unwilling to hear it. This is the difference where MCs have good vocal skills and do not. In other words, the skill by the vocal is an ability in which an MC is able to master the dynamics of good and interesting communication.

Associated with minimal vocals there are some things you should note, namely: the use of language, clarity or clarity of voice, speaking speed, sound variation and pause.

3. Body Language

As an MC, the whole body is an effective tool to help your success bring the event. If you can use the right body language to support what you say, then what you will say will look more powerful and meaningful.

Conversely, if what you convey is not synonymous with your body language, you can be sure what you submit will make a crisp.

Related to body language there are some things you should optimize include eye contact, facial expressions, hand movements and walking.

4. An interesting personality

The personality that is meant here is an MC must present themselves as they are or have authenticity. A good MC does not need to imitate others, he just becomes himself.

I myself am often amused when I hear an MC who is not being himself. It was as if I saw something forced. And to be a good MC it just needs to be yourself, no need to push yourself.

5. Creative and soulless entertainers

An MC should not run out of words, much less experience. Therefore, MC is also required to have high creativity. It can be an MC, as long as he wants to open his eyes and ears to change. In addition to creating an MC must also have a soul entertainer or soul entertainer. This is a skill that will bring the event to life. So be creative and entertainer!