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Some Causes It Can Make Ants Stay In Your Home

Ants become one of the most disturbing insects, especially their bite that causes itching and other allergies. The ants in and around the house must be very disturbing to us. for that, we have to know the cause of the ants. In addition, we need to use the services of ant control to eradicate all the ants at home and around the house. One of the ant control services you can use is Chesapeake Ant Control. If you do not use the services of ant control, you may be able to eradicate all the ants in your house, but it will only last a moment and they will return to your home in a short period of time.

There are several causes you need to know from the many ants in your house, such as

1. Garbage is around the house. Trash can be the cause of the many ants around your house. Especially if in the garbage there is a lot of waste food that can attract a lot of ants to come to the house. Ants love the rest of the food, especially the sweet foods. So make sure you throw the garbage in its proper place and not throw it around the house.

2. Dirty house. A dirty home environment can also be the cause of ants at home. The amount of dirt and waste in the home environment can be the main cause of ants coming to the house.

3. There is an ant nest. This could be the main reason why at home there are many ants. Usually, the ant will make its nest around the house which is still ground floor because ants are very fond of the land as a nest. Or another possibility is the number of trees on the terrace of the house. There are some ants who prefer to make a nest in the tree rather than on the ground. The presence of tree trunks that touch the house can also be the cause of the ant can into your house. So make sure there are no tree trunks that come into contact with the wall of the house.