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Why Do Children Like Drawing on the Wall?

When the child is able to hold a pencil or crayon, your friends will start to warn, “Get ready, the wall will be full of graffiti!” Even if you have given a paper or a picture book, it seems that the child prefers to draw on the wall of the house. Yes, kids generally like to draw, and one area that never escaped the target of their crayons or colored pencils is the wall of the house. Rather than making strokes in the drawing book, children aged 2-4 years seem to prefer to make masterpieces on the walls of the house. You can also visit our draw for kids youtube channel to know what kind of draw that you can give to your kids.

Children are more fun when drawing on the wall. Why? Because when drawing on the wall, they (feel) get involved in the story they describe. Through a broader field, they are freer to draw and go inside. The sense of engaging in the world within the picture will not be obtained when the child draws in the paper field. Some studies show other reasons why children love to scribble the walls. Smaller children scour the walls for coloring any field. This is different from children aged 3-4 years, where physical development makes it easier to draw by stretching the hand in front of it rather than underneath.

Drawing on the wall provides a more comfortable position, as it allows better hand and eye control. In this way, drawing becomes much more fun for the child. You may indeed have to let the wall of the house into an expression of child freedom. Sure, you can reduce the streaks on the walls of the living room or another room in a variety of ways:

– You can prepare your own child’s room wall as a place to draw as much.
– Coat the wall with a wide paper as a medium for drawing, so stay changed when the paper field is full.
– Prepare a buffer to place the drawing papers (as used for presentations).
– Or, let him draw while lying on the floor if he feels uncomfortable drawing on the table.