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Two tips for using condoms safely and excitingly

The use of condoms is the second best option to protect yourself from transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and unplanned pregnancies. So, how to choose a condom in order to keep making love without having to reduce the pleasure? Therefore we will give you two tips for choosing a condom to keep the sex session comfortable and safe. Meanwhile, you may also need to buy condoms online from a trusted store for more privacy.

1. Use condoms made from latex

There are currently two types of condoms on the market, which are made of latex and synthetic materials. Both are good and have their respective advantages. However, it is advisable to choose the type of condoms from latex materials designed for contraception and to prevent transmission of sexual diseases.

Condoms made of latex is also elastic and can ‘fit’ according to the shape of the penis so comfortable to use as if not wearing a condom.

2. Check the condom expiration date before use

Condoms that have passed the expiration period will be easily torn and leak when used. The condom expiration date can be seen in the box or the packaging. We recommend ensuring new condoms when having sex and never wearing used condoms. Open the condom from its packaging carefully and make sure the condom is not dry (stiff) or holey.