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Love the Earth, Reduce Use Of Plastic From Now!

It takes tens or even hundreds of years to make the plastic bag waste that is completely unraveled. But the problem is the negative impact of plastic waste is as big as its function as well. Then do you know what dangers are caused by plastic bags for the environment? Find out by visiting

If burned, plastic waste will create toxic fumes that are dangerous to health that if the cultivation process is not perfect, the plastic will break down in the air as dioxin. These compounds are highly dangerous if inhaled human. The effects include triggering cancer, hepatitis, swelling of the liver, nervous system disorders and trigger depression. It is estimated that 500 million to one billion plastic bags are used in the world each year. If these trashes are stretched then, it can ground the surface of the earth at least up to 10 times! Try to imagine so fantastic plastic waste that has been too mounting on our earth. And do you know? Every year, about 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide.