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Problem of Water Pollution and Environmental Sanitation

Clean water is a key human need. Will be a problem when the availability of clean water becomes difficult to obtain because it is naturally less available or the pattern of clean water behavior that is already polluted or dirty so that fewer sources of clean water that can be utilized. Tainted water is usually associated with poor waste, waste and environmental sanitation from human or pet behavior. But if traced to who is most responsible for water quality damage, of course, humans who should bear the responsibility. For that reason, it is important for you to use the best water sanitation and hygiene services so you can get water sanitation and the environment is also good. With experience and also warranty for service.

Garbage that every day is produced by the community and the disposal of wastewater that is directly channeled in the channel/river can result in silting channel/river, blockage of channel/river due to garbage. A body of water such as a river or sea has the capacity to decompose. If wastewater is directly inserted into the body of water without a process of processing, then one day can cause environmental pollution. The pollution takes place when the waste decomposition capacity contained in the water body is exceeded so that the water body is no longer able to process or decompose naturally. Such conditions are called septic or polluted conditions characterized by the occurrence of foul odor, The color of dark and dark water, The number of fish and other water organisms that die or float.