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In Europe Interest in Arabic Language Improves

In one of the Arabic classes, a teacher at the University of Milan and Venice, Professor Francesco Grande, was seen explaining the Arabic term in detail in discussions with his students through news articles from various Middle Eastern mainstream media sources. In a seminar on Syrian literature in the city of Mestre, near Venice, the EEC meets with a group of Italian students just starting to learn Arabic. Learning Arabic, culture, and history is very important to understand what is going on in the Arab region. To practice Arabic, there are so many ways to go and one of them is with Arabic-based online learning that you can make learn Arabic method easily and quickly.

Every media has a distinctive idea of what is occurring now, and Arabic is the door that opens my personal connection with people (there). A professor and former head of the language center at Padua University says that the number of students enrolled to study Arabic has doubled in 2015 and increased again in 2016. The age of different students, their specialties and nationalities are also different, but they have the common goal of learning more about Arab culture. There is much curiosity about the Arab world. People want to know more about the Arabs who exist here and about their history. They do not believe what they read and see in the media, who try to show the world of Islam and Arabs in a negative way.