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The short history of cinema

THE ORIGINS of a movie show in a room started by the Lumiere brothers. Auguste and Louis Lumiere created the Cinematographer tool which is a modification of Thomas Alva Edison’s Kinetoscope. The Kinetoscope is used to view moving images by peeking from one hole, Lumiere makes it able to project a moving image so that it can be enjoyed together. Meanwhile, you can visit if you wish to watch movies online.

On December 28, 1895, for the first time, dozens of people were in a room watching a movie projected onto a big screen.

The Lumiere brothers rented an old underground billiard in Boulevard des Capucines, Paris, which became known as the world’s first cinema. The place became known as the Grand Cafe and became the most popular place in Europe.

Since then, the camera which records the motion picture has been developed by many inventors and scientists alike, and it reaches the quality of movies and videos that we can watch today. Thus, allowing the higher-quality of motion pictures that we can watch either online or at the cinema with our family and friends.