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Swap Pulse into Money, Is it Possible?

Maybe there are still many who do not know about this one service, where you can convert pulsa into cash, here is meant cash is the balance in each bank account

The development of the digital age certainly makes all our activities easier, as well as the existing payment system, all vying to provide a very easy payment system

Therefore, a service or payment system is provided using credit, where you can pay online shop using credit, exchange credit into money to be sent to your account, send money to the family when the bank is closed, or anything else related to credit and payment.

Basically very simple, you just send the credit, then we send the money, so after you transfer the credit (the number admin has given when you want to exchange credit) then after that we will send money to your bank account. Easy is not it?

Does the money I get equal to the nominal pulse I send? Of course not, because here we apply a rate (exchange rate), where the money you will get can be calculated by multiplying the nominal pulse with the current rate.