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How to Taking Care of Fish in Aquariums?

Are you puzzled why your fishes are dies fast within a few days?
Well there may be something wrong with the treatment. Therefore, here’s how to care for fish in the aquarium so as not easy to die!

1. Giving the right foods according to the type of fish. Fish food is divided into 3 groups (carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores). You can directly visit to get the right fish’s.

2. Place the fish by type, so as not to fight when made one. It is because the ornamental fish can also be aggressive.

3. Know the original habitat of the fish it originated. If the fish’s habitat is in heavy water, then a water-spraying filter should be placed in an unbound aquarium.

4. The accuracy of light installation must also be fitting, because there are fish that like the bright light, but not a few fish also prefer dark atmosphere.

5. Replace water at least once a month if the size of a small aquarium. But if you have a large size, then you can change the water two or three months. Water cleanliness in the aquarium can cause healthy and not easy to die.